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Harvest Glow

Harvest Glow, LLC has been sold!! Bookmark us to learn more about the new owner in the next coming week. This week we are transitioning to the new owner and will be accepting orders; however we will not be processing them until September 8th. Please keep in mind the new owner will be offering the […]

Summer is getting close

Summer is getting close, Memorial Day Weekend signals in the late night BBQs and pool parties. So what fragrance would be better than Beach Breeze! Harvest Glow’s best Summer Candle Scent! Well, Mango Papaya is great, Summer Peach is good, Juicy Blackberry should be added….okay, okay, we’re biased, it’s best to check out all our […]

Harvest Glow on Etsy

Harvest Glow on Etsy Our Etsy Store is back up just in time for Mother’s Day – for any Etsy users, you can feel confident purchasing from our store there as well!

Celebrate Easter with Harvest Glow Soy Candles!

Harvest Glow’s soy candles are great little gems to brighten your Easter décor and “aroma-fi” your home for your guests. Plus enjoy our sale going on now! Just enter in Spring15 in your checkout to take advantage of our offer. Check out our soy candles page for more details! We have some tantalizing Spring scents […]

Soy Candles for Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! We need to clean out inventory, it makes year end business much easier! So for a limited time we are offering a HUGE HOLIDAY SALE starting now, enjoy 45% off your $100 or more purchase. Purchases of $99 or less enjoy 20% discount!! Please visit our website and get your […]

Find Soy Candles at Reasonable Prices

Looking for soy candles at a reasonable price? Many companies offer the consumer a choice in soy candles. So how do you make your decision? Research the company, review their profile, see if they are the right fit for you. Some may like the overly priced “luxurious” soy candle while others may want to buy […]

A unique Easter Centerpiece idea

A unique Easter Centerpiece idea…. We don’t have votives in our soy candle shopyet, but  contact us  and we can make them for you just in time for Easter!

Harvest Glow got a makeover!

Harvest Glow got a makeover! We’ve updated the look of our website and blog. Take a look and let us know what you think. We’re offering a discount just for doing so. Visit Harvest Glow Soy Candles to cash in on one of the best soy candle lines on the market today.

Harvest Glow Launches a Candle Distributorship Program!

Just when you thought you couldn’t take another home party….Harvest Glow announces their new candle distributorship. What is unique about this program is the full range of pure soy wax candles. No home party company offers a pure soy wax product line. A press release has been released with more information. Please let us know […]