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On the horn to find out what the buzz is all about? wondering who is this soy candle company?
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Who is Harvest Glow®

In 2005, Harvest Glow was born! Harvest – for the soybean plants that our wax is derived from and Glow – for the light of the candle wick flame. Hello My Name is Taz, I am the owner of Harvest Glow Candles. I am a Army Veteran of 14 years. When I got out of the Army I wanted something to do so I started making candles.

My company is small, no automated assembly lines, automatic wax pouring, or conveyor belts will be found in my candle studio. I like it that way, I can concentrate fiercely on a perfect candle and am proud to say Harvest Glow candles are made in the U.S.A.

Harvest Glow’s Mission is to provide a clean-burning, earth-friendly, reasonably priced, quality soy wax product. We accomplish this every day by maintaining quality products and maintaining costs. Continuous testing of products allows for the most accurate formulation of candles to provide the consumer with an enjoyable candle experience.