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Showing 61–69 of 69 results

What if you enter an aura that has a beautiful appeal and aroma floating around? Wow! Will be your expression! And if you get a variety of high-quality fragrances, with different sizes, to suit your requirement at the best price, it is nothing short of being fantastic! A pleasant, pleasing fragrance or aroma simply adds value to the place.

It is said and felt that seeing and smelling are the first senses generating feelings within us. The moment you enter any place, your home, restaurant, hotel room, or maybe a washroom, a pleasant smell is what creates our first impression about it. No matter whatever comfort is available to enjoy, if the place is not smelling good, one will not stay there even for a short while.

Make each room of your home a nice comfortable, and relaxing place. We have Baby Powder Fragrance for your little ones’ room too. A relaxing scent replicates the famous powder, making your baby’s room a fantastic clean smelling room.

Go in for Aqua Spa Fragrance to have a fantastic relaxing experience, whether coming back from work or just like that, feel like being in a spa. Use a blueberry muffin fragrance around your dining table or a cabernet grape fragrance on the food table for a candlelight dinner. Fill in your place simply with a Christmas wreath or with a eucalyptus fragrance to double up your enjoyment. Our fragrance soy melting cubes will be a super choice to provide warmth and a wonderful clean smell. Use them in a wax melt warmer, tealight candle cup, or an oil burner to let the aroma elevate your ambiance and spread positivity. A good smell is not only about how it smells but also about how it makes you feel. Please don’t wait anymore and explore our wide range of irresistible fragrances and try them all. Made from high-quality natural, toxic-free soy, lead-free cotton wicks, our fragrance soy wax candles are long-lasting and take care of your health too.