What is soy wax?

In the 1990’s agricultural chemists began to develop a natural, softer, slower burning wax alternative to paraffin using soybeans. Soy wax is biodegradable and supports the American Farmer!

Can I use melted soy wax as a moisturizer for my skin?

Many companies are promoting this. Harvest Glow, LLC DOES NOT RECOMMEND THIS! Some fragrances and dyes are not body safe. If you are looking for a natural moisturizer we recommend using soybean lotion or other natural ingredient lotions.

Are scented soy candles safe?

Yes. As reported by the National Candle Association, decades of research and a history of safe use in the marketplace support the safety of fragrances in candles. At Harvest Glow, LLC we only use fragrances formulated for approved candle use.

Are your candles triple scented?

The phrase “triple scented” can be misleading. Many companies claim their candles are scented 3 times the amount of other candle makers. There is a maximum fragrance amount a candle can hold before it becomes unsafe. In the past, candle industry standards used .5oz as the standard. Now 1.5oz is the maximum fragrance amount suggested. So “triple scented” could mean 1.5oz based on the old standard or 4.5oz based on the new standard – this being unsafe! At Harvest Glow, LLC we use the best formulated fragrance amount to provide you with the best fragrance throw for your money.

What is the white "powdery" stuff on the candle?

Actually this is a natural characteristic of a natural wax. It’s unpredictable, so not all candles will have it. However, it is harmless and will not affect your candle’s performance.

What is the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils?

Essential oils are naturally occurring from plant sources. Fragrance oils may contain some natural oils but the majority is a synthetic or “man-made” oil to produce a natural smelling scent that lasts longer and is not harmful to humans. Some essential oils (EO) can spoil and are sometimes difficult to get a good scent throw from.

I have asthma. Will burning soy candles affect my breathing?

Different fragrances affect people in different ways. We recommend that if a particular fragrance triggers your asthma to stay away from that fragrance in soy candles as well. Always remember to burn you soy candle in a well ventilated area.

Are soy candles safe for birds?

While we are not experts in the animal field; we have heard from several of our customers that birds are able to tolerate soy wax candles. Please contact your veterinarian for more information.

What are those little black "balls" on the wick?

These are carbon deposits called “mushrooms”. They develop when the wick is consuming the hot wax and fragrance mixture. Some fragrances create larger mushrooms. This may also occur if the wick is too long. Some mushrooming is normal and doesn’t need attending; however we recommend moving all mushrooms before each burning session. If the wick is too long; extinguish the flame and trim the wick to about 1/8 to 1/4".

Can I refill the jar with wax once I burn the candle?

We do not recommend refilling our jars with candle wax because glass weakens as it accumulates imperfections from use. The jars can be used as holders for all types of items in your home such as: marbles, buttons, nails, cotton balls, and more. Also, our jars are accepted at recycling agencies that accept glass.

Why is my candle burning uneven, leaving wax on the side of the jar?

More than likely this is due to the wick not being centered. Extinguish the flame and center the wick; allow wax to set up and then re-light.

I thought soy candles are soot free, why is there a black smoke spot on the side of the jar?

No soy candles are completely soot free – soy wax does emit a very small amount of colorless soot. The black spot could be from the flame being too large or close to that side of the jar or from blowing the flame out (this causes smoking). We recommend keeping the wick trimmed to ¼” and using a wick extinguisher to avoid smoking.

How can I remove soy wax from furniture or clothing?

Soy wax is easily cleaned up with hot water and soap; however, we recommend checking with a professional for clean-up on furniture or clothing.

How long does it take to receive my order?

If we have the candles in stock we ship out within 1 or 2 business days – excluding summer months (we ship out on Mondays and Tuesdays- to avoid packages sitting in hot warehouses over the weekends). However, please keep in mind it could take 7 to 10 days especially during holidays. Our candles are handmade – no assembly line here – so sometimes we may be in the process of making candles for your order.

Why do you recommend insurance?

We tak care to package your order carefully. However, during the shipping process accidents happen. We recommend insurance to protect the customer’s interest. If for ay reason the merchandise is damaged in transit or lost, the customer is able to receive a replacement. Without insurance, we are unable to reimburse due to damage in transit or lost shipments.

Do you sell in any retail stores?

We are just beginning to offer our candles in a retail setting. If you have a store in your area that you would like to carry our candles, please have them contact us for wholesale information.

I'd like to purchase your candles locally, how can I do this?

Tell your local store that you would like them to carry our candles and have them contact us for wholesale information.

What light bulb wattage can I use in the Plug In warmers?

A 15 watt appliance bulb works great with our Plug-In Warmers. We include one with your purchase.

You use soy for your candles, do you do anything else to help the environment?

Yes. You are correct, our candles are made with eco-friendly soy wax (no additives). In addition, we purchase toxic free ingredients from respected companies. We also recycle throughout our manufacturing process and through our shipping by re-using packaging material. We try to use the least amount of waste product as possible. Our hosting company is powered by Texas wind as well!